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Our Network

The Network

As your trusted advisor, we believe we need to provide our clients with experts in other areas to ensure you and your business are receiving the best advice and service for all aspects of your business.

We have a network of experts in their respective fields who can assist you with the following:


Businesses must deal with risk on a daily basis, regardless of their size or industry type. Insurance is an essential part of managing these risks, and for small business owners uninsured at the time of an accident.

Home / Investment Loans

Building your wealth with property can be a solid long-term option, especially if you arrange your finances to your greatest advantage.

Financial planning

AJD takes the guess work out of dealing with the financial planning industry. We offer a choice of financial planning solutions to suit your occupation, budget and stage of life.

Technology & Websites

Technology is changing the way business operates and connect. We can guide you to ensure you are up to date with the latest advancements and efficiencies, making your business a leader in your industry.

Business Loans

Launching a new initiative, expanding your company, or investing in shares? We can help you with rates and flexible repayment options.

Equipment financing

Specialised financing for a wide range of assets including technology, electronics, and business tools. We offer various financing solutions to help any business acquire the equipment they need.

Estate planning

The ultimate purpose of estate planning is to ensure that your wishes are successfully carried out after you pass away.  We can assist to ensure you to get the right information about making wills and creating powers of attorney.

We are experts in accounting. See what we can do.

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